Inspiration, Celebration, and Conscious Rally to Oneness

A FREE Virtual Event to Catalyze an Awakened World

Humanity's Team and the Association for Global New Thought present...
The 4th annual Global Oneness Day on October 24th, 2013! Join thousands around the world in this online summit to explore the profound realization that we are one! Register today for this inspiring, one-of-a-kind event.

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Why Global Oneness Day?

GOD2013-Home-Page_07Since the late 1960′s, when pioneering astronauts captured the first photographs of Earth from space, there has been a growing realization that everything and everyone on our beautiful blue planet are deeply connected. A realization that we are One.

And yet, the popular perspectives and dominant institutions in our society are still primarily based on a mentality of separation. The focus on “us” separate from “them”, or “me” separate from “other”, while appropriate in context, is the root cause of so many of the escalating challenges we now face. Thus, if we want to bring about a sustainable global society, nothing is more important than changing this outdated way of thinking.

Global Oneness Day was created to recognize and celebrate the fundamental interconnection of all people and all of life. It is an opportunity to join thousands of participants in the exploration not only of the idea of Oneness, but ways in which this thinking can and is being applied “on the ground” so that our global society and culture increasingly reflect it.

Join us in Awakening the World to Oneness

GOD2013-Home-Page_03When we, as individuals and groups, begin to awaken to an understanding of the world as One, our fundamental motives begin to shift. We start to see the possibility of a higher ideal – for success, health, prosperity, and purpose – not just for ourselves, but for all of humanity, and indeed all of life.

Global Oneness Day brings together dozens of passionate speakers whose commitment and insight into Oneness have inspired millions. But as inspiring and important as these conversations are, Global Oneness Day is not only about the sharing of ideas and insights. It offers an opportunity for thousands of us who care deeply about our world to be together in solidarity and experience a shared consciousness as One.

Participation is Free.

GOD2013-Home-Page_10There is no cost to participate in this live, interactive event. Thanks to our generous partners, and to all the speakers who have volunteered their time, we are able to offer this live experience for free to the public. All you need is a phone or a computer to participate. We want to make these events as interactive as possible, so there will be an opportunity to ask questions and interact with each of the speakers.

Register today and you’ll also receive a free subscription to Humanity’s Team daily email inspirations, plus bonus gifts from some of our speakers and sponsors. There is no charge for this, and you can cancel anytime. Simply enter your first name and email in the box below, and you’ll receive the access details for all Global Oneness Day events and your bonus gifts.

If you yearn for a world that is functional and whole, that you would want for yourself and for future generations to live in, then please – join us!



  • Humanity’s Team

    Humanity’s Team is an international spiritual movement dedicated to promoting the understanding and application of Oneness for the purpose of advancing a mature and compassionate global humanity. With members in over ninety countries, Humanity’s Team undertakes its mission by developing awareness-building campaigns, educational events, and other transformational programs.

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  • The Association for Global New Thought

    The Association for Global New Thought is a pioneering network of churches, organizations, and activists working around the globe to consciously bring forth the evolving human and an awakened world through the practice of universal spiritual principles and the energy of unconditional love.

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  • Agape Internaional Spiritual Center

    Agape is dedicated to love, peace, and being a beneficial presence on the planet.

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    Center for Sacred Studies

    The Center for Sacred Studies offers educational programs online as well as at retreat centers.

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    Centers for Spiritual Living

    Dedicated to promoting awakening and personal growth through over 450 communities worldwide.

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  • Divine Shakti Foundation

    To holistically provide for the well-being of women, children, and all of Mother Nature.

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    Foundation for Conscious Evolution

    Working toward the awakening of the spiritual, social, and scientific potential of humanity.

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    Gaiam TV

    A streaming media service offering unique original programming, eye-opening documentaries and uplifting films.

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  • Global Oneness Project

    The Global Oneness Project is a digital magazine with a collection of films, photography, and essays from around the world.

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    Oneness University

    Oneness University is a spiritual school located in southern India that focuses on spiritual awakening and God Realization.

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    The Shift Network

    Empowering a global movement creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness, leading to a more enlightened society.

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  • We, the World

    Connect, Mobilize, Accelerate Global Social Change

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    The Unity Center of San Diego

    Inspiring Personal Greatness and Transforming The World With Love

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    Ursa Minor

    World-class web design, brand strategy, and online marketing for leading edge planetary problem solving and human potentials.

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Global Oneness Day is a grassroots effort. Learn more about the amazing people and
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